Selflessness: A Gay Boy’s Journey to Find Happiness// By: Gabe Noonan

Photo from the Blog of Nick Falkner

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Blind Intimacy // Zachary Chien

Food has evolved from mere sustenance to a focal point in today’s American pop culture. It’s a source of inspiration, a creative outlet, and an instrument for social bonding. It’s transformed into a prominent art form, consistently bringing competition, conversation, and respect to those immersing themselves in the culinary world.

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Appearance vs Reality // James LeClercq

When I was young, I will admit that like every other kid in America, I would always beg and nag my parents into getting something that I wanted. Granted I wouldn’t always get what I had pleaded for, but like all children that didn’t stop me from trying. On the weekends, I would always walk up and down the grocery aisles searching for all the new food products I had recently learned about. Whenever I picked something out, I would always bring it back to my mom for approval. She would typically respond with, “How do you know about this?”

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The Art of Perception // Alyssa Gutrich

They say that one thing can look like something entirely different if you only look at it a little bit differently… The Canadian flag looks like two men yelling at each other, or it looks like a simple flag with a maple leaf.


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Blame Game–Ben Chambers

The first two quarters of my collegiate career at Santa Clara University involved me taking a Critical Thinking and Writing Course, a mandatory class all incoming freshmen are required to take. At first I thought that this course would be an “English 101” of sorts, a basic class in which we write a few essays and learn strategies for writing more effective, persuasive, and clearer prose. Although my peers and I were instructed in these areas, the more distinctive aspect of our class was a focus on “food, self and culture”, inspecting ourselves and our food, and how our food decisions and the food industry are aspects of our culture. In the second installment of this course, the overall theme was expanded to “human, animal, machine”, and how these three entities existed together, and coincided with one another. Although these concepts may seem broad, their connections to one another brought me a singular understanding of the culture that we live in.


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The Conundrum of Convenience // Nina Odegaard

Convenience is the key. “The key to what?” one may ask. Well, I hope to bring about a clear and concise answer to this question by drawing from my thoughts, research, readings, and writing that have cumulated over the course of my two-quarter class, Critical Thinking and Writing (CTW) – Food, Self, Culture and Human, Animal, Machine. It is not uncommon to come across a relentless desire to make life easier in all aspects possible in the American culture. If one looks to the technological advances of this day and age, this desire is evident in the constant attempt to reinvent the wheel and make the car drive faster.

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