Sixth Time’s a Charm // Natalie Wiggins
Reality Check

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Dangers of the Prescription Pad // JT Tran

Dangers of the Prescription Pad


You don’t like being sick. No one does. If you do get ill, you can turn to a doctor, to modern science. Drugs, namely antibiotics, have allowed humans and animals alike to live for many extra years. The use of antibiotics in livestock feed has been able to supply humans with meat efficiently and reliably. So, what have we done? We’ve made hand-soaps, wet wipes, dish soap, and everything else in the world antibacterial. Seems carefree, but risk-free? Hardly. Continue reading Dangers of the Prescription Pad // JT Tran

Juiced // Jack Welsh


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One of the greatest baseball players to ever play, and the leader in career homeruns in the MLB, Barry Bonds, could end up going down in the history books with an asterisk next to his name. Why? He has been accused of taking performance enhancing drugs to improve his strength while he was still playing. Although Bonds has never tested positive for steroids, he is still accused of doping, and there are many signs that would lead one to assume that he was. In his early years, he was a quick player, stealing an average of 37 bases per season for his first 12 seasons. However, in his last 10 seasons, he averaged less than 7 steals per year. If someone was gaining muscle naturally, one would think that the athlete’s speed wouldn’t diminish by that much. Also in those first 12 seasons, Bonds averaged 34 homeruns per year, compared to the next six years after (while he was still fully healthy) where he averaged 49 per year (Baseball Reference). Continue reading Juiced // Jack Welsh

Scratch // Gabby Jones

It’s safe to say that in the past few months as a freshman at Santa Clara University, I have learned a lot about myself. “A lot”, is actually an understatement. I am originally from Chicago, and up until last September I had never been away from home completely on my own. Sure, I had gone to three years of camp in the woods of Wisconsin as a kid and flown alone to visit my uncle in New York- but they all shared one thing in common, a crutch. The crutch being I had a safety net: my friends, family, and home. However, I wiped away the safety net that had been forming for the past few years and came by myself out to sunny Santa Clara, California. I started from scratch. Continue reading Scratch // Gabby Jones


“Live simply, so others can simply live”

The inspiring story of Jason Rodas serves as a wake up call to each and every one of us. On September 30, 2008, Jason encountered the toughest decision of his life when his mother had gone into cardiac arrest. He was presented with two options from the doctors: to attempt to revive his mother but crush nearly every bone in her body or to let nature take its place and let her pass away peacefully. Unfortunately, he only had one minute to decide. After a matter of seconds passed, he reluctantly chose to let her go gracefully. But in those few minutes that he had left sitting next to his mother’s bed before she passed away, he unraveled his utmost appreciation for his mother – something that he never had done before. Continue reading “LIVE SIMPLY, SO OTHERS CAN SIMPLY LIVE” // MITCHELL HONG