The Business of Business

Michael Katira

What are the stereotypes that people of have on the business society today? They make a lot of money, they are greedy, and they only look out for what makes them more money and makes their revenue stream strong. Throughout my freshman year at Santa Clara University, I’ve had the privilege to analyze my future profession and the society that I will be a part of one day. While it does supply a stable future for you and your family, there is nothing perfect about the corporate society. In CTW 1, I researched on how compassion was non-existent in the business world. I came to the conclusion that while compassion exists outside the office; it fails to make a presence inside the boardroom. In CTW 2, my focus shifted from corporations to small businesses and how the DIY philosophy affects that society positively. With a little help from my business ethics class, I can pinpoint why business ethics is seen as unethical.  Continue reading The Business of Business


To Go Beyond // Rachel Duhe

The first task assigned in my first English course at Santa Clara University was to define what it means to be human.  Beyond varying physical features within our own species, our class made a general consensus that we, humans, are superior creatures, not because of our physical differences to that of other animals, but because of our higher intellectual capacities and psychological complexities.  We are superior beings because we can critically analyze our world.  We can combine our knowledge, experience, and emotion in order to make ethical decisions.  However, the next question I pose is “do we?”  Do we actually analyze our actions through moral lenses and change our ways when flaws are apparent?  Too often we do not. Continue reading To Go Beyond // Rachel Duhe