Once and Future Kings- Right-Brained Basketball and the 2014 San Antonio Spurs// Matt Pierson

The modern NBA (post 1976 NBA/ABA merger) can be broken up into three categories:  before Michael, during Michael, and after Michael.


Before Michael, Showtime was in.  Bird’s Celtics and Magic’s Lakers dominated the storylines of the league with the same force that they competed against each other, trading championship blows for almost an entire decade.  These competitors brought basketball to a new level of relevancy.  Introducing the world to the excitement of the sport and setting the stage for it’s biggest star. Continue reading Once and Future Kings- Right-Brained Basketball and the 2014 San Antonio Spurs// Matt Pierson



When humans and animals are taken out of their environments it can cause serious problems. Animals and humans both have a distinct set of needs of needs and forcing one to leave their needs behind can be dangerous and uncomfortable.


Leaving one’s natural habitat is daunting and can even be dangerous. Both humans and animals have needs that they need to satisfy. Nature helps satisfy these needs, but being taken out of your normal habitat can be unhealthy. Continue reading NEEDS!

Creativity, the Secret of Happiness

When I found out that the title of my CTW course was “Man a Machine” I was very impressed. The fact that humans are transforming into a living machine is something that I have always wanted to examine more deeply.

I come from a world where every person is still considered first of all as a human with feelings and emotions and then for his or her skills in a working context. In my opinion this is the biggest difference between Italy, which is where I am from, and the United States. Here in America everyone has a precise function in the society and that small percentage of people that doesn’t, is left behind and abandoned from the society. Continue reading Creativity, the Secret of Happiness

Oblivion// Ann Renschler

Walking out of the movie theater with teary eyes and mascara streaks down my face is a clear sign I just watched the film production adaptation of John Greene’s novel The Fault in Our Stars. In this movie, two cancer-ridden teens meet and fall in love with each other and spend their limited amount of time together. At the end of the book the main character Augustus says “[t]he real heroes anyways aren’t the people doing things; the real heroes are the people NOTICING, paying attention” (Green). It’s the people in the world who make the conscious effort to be present and notice the things around them that make a difference in the world. It’s the Mother Teresas and the Ghandis of the world who notice the people and events around them and they are unable to ignore those around them because their presence. Now, I’m not saying we all have to be like Mother Teresa, but we can all, in some small way, be more like her by taking the conscious decision to be aware of the world around us. To be aware of the decisions we make and the effect they have on the people around us. Continue reading Oblivion// Ann Renschler

SHAME: the impetus to change // KELSIE BALLESTEROS

Humans are flawed by nature; with our words and actions we consistently make mistakes that damage ourselves, others, and our world. Our selfishness often becomes the driving force, the loudest voice telling us what to do. We are guided by the pursuit of quick pleasure, which doesn’t always align with the morally upright decision. This reality could consume us, and our lives could be ruled by our shallow desires, however, man is more than this. Our consciences direct our choices back to goodness. One of the ways we recognize the need for change is through the feeling of shame. Continue reading SHAME: the impetus to change // KELSIE BALLESTEROS

It’s Time to Think for Yourself


Imagine walking up the counter at your local McDonald’s. Take a moment and think about the sights, the smells. Maybe yours is connected to the Chevron station, just as mine is in Plano, Texas. Or maybe it’s suspended over the highway, as it is in Vinita, Oklahoma. Maybe it sounds of delicious fries being fried, and you can hear the sizzle of the burgers on the grill. Or maybe that sizzle is drowned out by the sound of kids coming from the Play Place. Regardless of what McDonald’s you picture, you know the menu will be the same. You can order that Quarter Pounder with Cheese, a Big Mac, or even the Chicken Selects. No matter what you order, it’s going to be a fairly reasonable price. Continue reading It’s Time to Think for Yourself

Living Life

As one of the rising sophomores of Santa Clara, I have just undergone the experience of a freshman year of college. Freshman year was an incredible time during which I had the opportunity of freedom, more so than any other point in my life. I finally had absolute control over my own life; I was able to finally act as an adult member of society and to deal with all the responsibilities that come with having that authority. Over the course of the year, I learned to skate, started playing guitar, went skydiving, and met hundreds of people, some of which I could no longer imagine my life without. It was one of the single most influential times of my life and yet at the end it began to bore me. Continue reading Living Life