Building Our Own Machines

In today’s society, we as humans often have trouble looking at life from above. Our day-to-day lives can sometimes can be very redundant, and most times it leaves each of us with a feeling of impatience or discontent. In certain situations we develop a deeply selfish and shallow point of view making the simplest of faults against us too grueling to even live through for any extended amount of time. Presenting each of us with two ways of going about day-to-day actions: Completing an action just to be so it is completed or completing the action with time and care. This isn’t to say all activities need to be enjoyed to the fullest, but if there isn’t any passion in what you do with your life, then there isn’t very much reason to succeed.

imgresThis being said, it’s a difficult concept to escape. In modern America especially, there is a standard of life. If you find yourself going along with this standard of living, you’re amongst most people. Find a career, start a family, provide for your family and repeat. This now often includes receiving an education. To begin with, finding a career that you genuinely believe is either what you are made to do or what you love to do is a difficult task. Somany different complications can occur in a day-to-day life, that it is easy to settle for something safe rather than taking a risk to remain seeking for something that means something substantial to you.

As I am just finishing up my first year of my college experience it is hard to say that there is an answer to this predicament. The entire year I have been soul-searching for what I think would be a good fit for my respective major. The concept of picking a certain subject to possibly to committed to for the remainder of your life is a strange concept while also being a very difficult decision. Many students feel pressured to pick a major that would help get into a career that would be financially stable following graduation and moving on into the “real world”. The pressure can sway the outlook you have on your future dramatically and it is tough to describe.

As an aspiring musician I normally surround my life in music. Although once I arrived to college I thought my favorite hobby of making music and learning about music were behind me. I didn’t believe that it would benefit to my career to proceed with this because the music industry is a difficult business to make it in. I was taking the safe route because I knew I could, and it is what I felt most other people were doing as well. As the year continued I noticed that music wasn’t escaping my life. Everything I began learning in my standard core classes kept bring me back to music. Especially in my Critical writing course where I wrote two essays about the music industry as well as music history. The most recent essay entitled “The Independent Artist: A Musical Revolution” while teaching me plenty about the music industry also revealed quite a few truths concerning day-to-day life.

The essay discusses the two routes as a musician as a career: A record label signed artist and an independent artist. As you look at the careers it seems that they wouldn’t have many difference besides the way they deliver their work, but the music often shows a different story. Labels put pressure on artists to release material that will get the job done, and make a profit. You could look at this approach similar to completing activities for the sole purpose of completing it. Where as an independent artist releases their music independently to have the freedom to make creative, personal and genuine art that actually means something to the artist. You also could look at this approach as completing an action with time and care. This idea obviously made me realize how I approached my own life. I don’t want to go through life living in the mundane. I want to be the independent artist, one who is able to pursue their career with a passion. That career to me is music.

Following completing the essay, I soon realized the meaning of the vague class topic, “Human, Animal, Machine”, I received for the my critical writing class. As the class began taking about the relationship between animals and humans as well as humans interacting with each other. Learning how much society has constructed our lives making man into actual machines. Not until the idea of DIY was addressed did I understand the concept. Humans today act as machines. Going through life without looking at the larger picture. Living by the standard way of living, rather than an original, personal way of living. It goes beyond certain careers. The choice of giving in to the standard corporate companies such as record labels or factory farms rather than sticking it to the man and pursuing life with a unique edge. To live with a purpose. This is why I decided to study music while at Santa Clara University. To surround myself with a career that I genuinely love to pursue. Instead of joining the group of machines living their average lives, I want to build my own machine.

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