Making Beneficial Choices For The Long Run––Anmol Josen

          A student’s goal in life is making the right choices that will lead to a successful life in the long run. That includes making the right choices in subjects like pursuing higher education and making a habit of eating right. High school students sometimes forget that the choices we make in regards to our education will impact not only our families but their families as well. Also, this is the case when it comes to developing good eating habits. Although students and adults do not know whether a decision is good or bad, thinking about the future at a young age is always beneficial because it allows them to become independent thinkers as well as become mature.

            For example, in CTW 1, my first course of English in Santa Clara University, I focused on a subject of how pursuing high education after high school will benefit a student in the long run. Image Aside from making more money, students will establish the importance of not relying on your parents entirely and will learn many values that they can teach their family and children by going to a university. Also, high school graduates cannot attain that level of maturity because even if they decide to live separately from their parents, they will never learn that knowledge of respecting professors and learning that it is up to them to balance their life between school work and having fun.

            One of the many benefits associated with choosing higher education is how high school graduates will be able to experience important life values that come along with attaining a 


college degree.Going to college is like getting ready to act in the real world. For example, instead of settling for a low paying job right after high school, a college student learns how to accommodate the independent lifestyle as well as manage their time and their studies. Being in college opens up greater opportunities to connect with professors who can lead the way to a satisfying careers and connections. In high school teachers get paid to have the students in class and prepare them for college whereas in college, students are paying their professors to get prepared for the real world.

            Also, it is up to the students to choose to go to class, which prepares them to make decisions on their own. Because of this independence, college students learn how to devote their study time and personal time wisely. To demonstrate this concept, Institute for Higher Education Policy published a report on students attending college in 1998 stating how “higher levels of saving, increased personal/professional mobility, improved quality of life for their offspring, better consumer decision making, and more hobbies and leisure activities (Porter).” This supports the idea of a college education teaching young adults how to manage their own time and simply, grow up. It is a step further from just being sheltered by teachers and parents at home to learning how to live independently, not relying on parents any longer.

            In my CTW 2 class, the second course of English, one of my essays was about how families should aim to cook from scratch because they will know what is going into their foods. They will also learn that eating processed or packaged foods will lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. For example one of the common ingredients packaged foods like juices, candy, and cookies is high fructose corn syrup that is substituted in for real sugar. Throughout the process of when high fructose corn syrup is being made, the glucose and fructose that are “naturally bounded together” separate which allows the fructose to go directly into the liver (Hyman). However, this in turn starts producing fat in our livers called lipogensis (Hyman). By knowing the health risks high fructose corn syrup has, it is clearly a good reason to avoid it. ImageParents can focus on making fresh juice and getting their children into the habit of eating healthy. Not eating the foods that contain high corn fructose everyday will make an impact and lead to a healthier lifestyle. In this essay, I focused mainly on encouraging parents to make a difference in their children’s lives so they do not end up putting their child’s life at risk.

            Throughout these two courses, I have learned and want others to learn to make good choices and decisions that will benefit them in the long run. Getting a college degree and cooking from scratch are just a start to living a better life in the long run. Although these choices might seem too hard to get through and too time consuming, in the end it is all about making it a lifestyle. Once it becomes a lifestyle, everything will become easy.


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