Our Distance From Food//Miguel Chapa IV

Most of the population of the United States is  aware of the current situation with food production. We all (for the most part) know that there is a copious amount of violence and cruelty that goes into making the food that sustains our nation. Yet, despite knowing that millions of animals are being subjected to extremely inhumane treatment, very little has been done. I propose two explanations: the first explanation is that subconsciously as humans we do not mind violence. The second is that we have stopped caring about food  because we have become distanced from the production and cruelty that comes with it.

Food Inc.

Violence is a very integral part of our modern society; it is almost everywhere. Violence can be found in, movies, cartoons, porn, literature, art, and video games. We are exposed to a sense of violence in almost all our media and we have become desensitized to it. This is why nothing has been done to change the food industry. We can watch all the documentaries like “Food Inc.” and  videos like “From Farm to Fridge” and yes they are very graphic, but it is nothing we are not already used to. Violence is already in media and pop culture, what does it matter if it is also in our food industry? This means that even though most of the American public is aware of the travesty and yet a sense of apathy seems to be very present in our population.

The second reason behind why we as a society have accepted animal cruelty in food production is because we have stopped caring about the origin of our food. In today’s society not a lot of people aspire to become a farmer or a agriculture specialist, our more popular careers are in the fields of engineering and business. Careers have started to steer away from jobs that could be considered “rural” or “archaic” .

This is a very modern way of thinking and a change from previous eras. In previous times humans were much more connected to the food that they consumed. The food that they ate came from their immediate surroundings. Nowadays the public eats food that is made in locations so far away that there is a disconnect between the food and consumers. This diminishes the amount of importance that a person places on the production of their food.

Food production is one of the largest industries in the United States and it provides nourishment for a very massive population. Despite the prevalence of food in our society little has been done to hinder the amount of violence in the food industry. This is due to the desensitization that has been developed through the presence of violent media in our society as well as the distance that has been established between the food production and the public. Since no drastic measures have been implemented to change the current situation with the food industry,  it is very safe assume that factory farming will be a production technique that will continue for a long period of time.


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