Badly-Behaved Bacon // Claire Calfo

June 2015 

“If Slaughterhouses had glass walls everyone would be vegetarian”

-Paul McCartney

Everyone loves bacon. It seems like every day there is a new bacon phenomenon or a new way to eat the mouth-watering breakfast food. Some vegetarians even have claimed that bacon was the hardest thing to give up on their journey. One of my friends who has been a vegetarian for four years explained how she still is tempted by it! It seems that these days, everything tastes better with bacon. To me, when I see bacon, I imagine pigs.

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It’s all your fault! // Grant Gordon

Problems, they happen to all of us. We may lose our keys. We may be late for work. These things happen; it’s a fact of life. When these problems occur, whether they are small or large, we look to figure out why they happened. We look for the thing that caused our pain or distress. It is animal instinct. Unfortunately, the problems we face, both as individuals and a society, are much greater than trying to recall where you placed your keys last night. Violence and corruption are just two of these innumerable problems that humanity faces on a daily basis. However, the common denominator among all people is that we look for why these actions and incidents occur. This is where the idea of blame is born.

After terrible events such as shootings, we as a people try to look at the shooter and see where he or she went wrong. Many people point to things like video games, mental health, popular culture, or the ready availability of guns. Initially, things like this make sense. Video games and popular culture warp one’s idea and perception of the world around the victim. Mental health problems can also completely distort an individual’s perception of the world around them. As for shootings, guns are the devices used to carry out the actions. Logically, it makes sense to find fault in these things. Continue reading It’s all your fault! // Grant Gordon

¡Vive Sin Fronteras! // John Nunziati

It was literally impossible to escape my senior year Spanish 4 class without hearing my free-spirited, kale-loving, and almost frighteningly optimistic teacher, Don Jaime, say “¡Vive sin fronteras!” Back then, I never gave much thought to the phrase, which means “Live Without Borders!”. Its message always seemed nice, but was vague and tough to relate to. By senior year, I was already comfortable with my environment and peers, so I struggled to recognize these supposed metaphorical borders present in my everyday life that divided everyone. It was just too little and too late; I was already checked out and on cruise control, ready for the next chapter in my life.

My move from high school to college was massive – I was transitioning into a university that was a full 2.4 miles away from my high school, along with thirty-two others from Bellarmine College Prep who also chose to attend Santa Clara. It’s so common that some have even called it the “Proverbial Eight-Year Bellarmine Experience”. Such a seemingly small change shouldn’t have really changed the way I think, right?

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How the Food and Dieting Industries Struck an Endless Pot of Gold // Hagan

“No food is bad for you,” Lorraine repeated over and over again. No food is bad for me? How can that be right? “Besides diet soda, every single food you put in your body has some sort of nutritional significance.” But what about candy? Chips? Pizza?

As my nutritional therapist, it was Lorraine’s job to teach me about fueling my body properly. I was an athlete, and it was my responsibility to start taking care of my mind and my body—both for myself and my teammates. Ever since I was little, I can remember my parents, my coaches, my friends, and especially the media telling me how to eat healthy. But what does “healthy” even mean?

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Failing to Take Responsibility//ssins

The victim mindset dilutes the human potential. By not accepting personal responsibility for our circumstances, we greatly reduce our power to change them” (Maraboli). In two short sentences, Dr. Steve Maraboli, a bestselling author and Behavioral SI-have-the-power-to-changecience Academic, challenges people to seize control of their lives by taking responsibility for where they are now and making the necessary changes to get where they rather be. Continue reading Failing to Take Responsibility//ssins

Pointing Fingers: Who Are We Going to Blame Next? By: Shima Dadashzadeh

What do violence and food have in common? More than you would ever think.

Gluten free pasta, vegan cheese, vegetarian chicken, sugar free soda – they all sound like a bunch of oxymorons don’t they? The American food industry has recently been facing a growing sense of scrutiny as Americans realize the health consequences of our nation’s general eating habits. They are in a frenzy to point the blame at someone, mainly pointing the food corporations. These abstract new products are the food industry’s way of defending itself and providing a potential solution. Continue reading Pointing Fingers: Who Are We Going to Blame Next? By: Shima Dadashzadeh


I don’t know where to begin. I actually don’t want to begin to tell you the truth. I feel as if I am talking about something that has been spoken about so excessively that I will just fall into the internet cloud of meaningless mumble. However, that doesn’t give you permission to scroll down and skip my masterpiece! Or does it?
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