Water You Doing Eating Beef?


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Authors: Tommy Syta, Jackson Bordelon, Emma Carpenter, Connor Ohira, and Nithya Kiron

Frequently I find myself in a restaurant, reading the menu, looking at all of my choices, and wondering what on earth I should order. More often than I would like, I end up ordering the classic, oh-so-American cheeseburger. Why? Continue reading Water You Doing Eating Beef?


Friends Not Food

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Authors: Nicole Vander Helm, Gen Kimura, Brandon Gillingham, Amy Roat, Amrita Ram (not pictured).

The highest-grossing stop motion animated film ever is a movie that features chickens. In 2000 the movie Chicken Run was playing in theaters and attracted families and people of all ages. Although the movie is a comedy and animated, the story line contains many parallels to real life factory farming of chickens. The film displays a chicken farm where the chickens are caged in a prison type setting and are forced to produce enough eggs or be slaughtered. Once it is found that the eggs are making minuscule profits for the owners of the farm they turn to robotic type farming. The chickens gang together to escape and once they do they happily embrace their freedom and raise their own chicks. Despite the fact that the film is animated and does not show all the grotesque and disturbing living conditions that real chickens face, the idea that chickens fear death and are being pushed to their limit is explicitly expressed. If a successful film can portray that chickens want freedom and deserve life, why is inhumane factory farming still one of the largest markets in the food industry? Continue reading Friends Not Food

Vegetarianism is Not a Missed Steak

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Authors: Gabrael Levine, Michelle Callson, Carina Maysenhalder, Emily Wu, Lydia Davidson, Paul Ahrens.  Check out our Website.

After a long day of studying for midterms, completing homework, and catching up on all seven seasons of Parks and Recreation, the typical Santa Clara University (SCU) student meanders over to the Benson cafeteria to obtain motivation in the dead of night through food. It is this food which keeps students focused on succeeding in the rigorous environment of college. However, it can also be a catalyst for weight gain and other health issues, which has led to the mythical legend of the “Freshman 15.” The variety of food at Benson is abundant, but only for omnivorous students. At least, it would appear that way on the surface.

Continue reading Vegetarianism is Not a Missed Steak

Got Water? Drought It.

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Authors: Brendan Molloy, Jean Baptiste Tooley, Katelyn O’Neil, Aria Berluti, and Leah Star (not pictured).

Do you remember the Watergate scandal way back in 1972? Or what about the Edward Snowden scandal that occurred as recently as 2013? Let’s also just take a moment to look back on the Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal from 1998—remember that? These three mind-boggling events in US history all have one common thread—they prove that the US government loves to lie to its citizens and is capable of corruption. With this in mind, take a moment to ask yourself, how can I possibly trust anything the government tells me? After years and years of scandals and lies being uncovered, I think it is safe to say that we should be skeptical of the government-sponsored messages thrown our way. Certain problematic topics that have been circulating in the news as of late should be evaluated with a critical eye, particularly the notorious California drought. This topic has sparked a mass hysteria and many Californians have been wondering what on earth they can do to minimize this issue. However, can they really believe that the government’s suggestions to take shorter showers and stop watering their lawns will actually make a difference? Continue reading Got Water? Drought It.

Beat the Meat

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Authors: Jesse Meeks, Andres Jimenez, Luis Urias, Justin Zumel, David Reed, Annie Styles


Sometimes we wish more people would beat the meat. We know it’s hard, and people may judge you, but if we all come together, we’ll be better off. We have all experienced our share of adversity, some worse than others. Renowned professional cyclist Lance Armstrong was diagnosed with lung, brain, and testicular cancer all at the same time; however, despite these hurdles, Armstrong was still able to get up on his high horse, or his Parlee Z-Zero racing bicycle, and win the Tour de France five times in a row. Similarly, we face the decision to choose whether or not to consume beef, which has adverse consequences. We can choose to succumb to the quarter pound artery clogger, or we can keep racing and defeat environmental degradation and the social normalities that prevent the consumption of beef alternatives. Armstrong once remarked that “pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever. If we take this into consideration and can tolerate the pain of not consuming beef, even at a slow pace, we can hope to defeat the harmful effects that occur because of it on the environment; however, if we quit and let beef subdue us, we may dig ourselves into a state of irreversible devastation. Continue reading Beat the Meat

What are Your Gains?

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Authors: Isis Navarro, Petr Sushko, Grace Joseph, Cat Durden, David Traver, Ana Vadaurri 

The doors of the Malley Fitness and Recreation Center at Santa Clara University always seem to be in constant motion, with a steady stream of students filing in and out of the building throughout the day. These students range from those looking for something fun and active to do in their spare time to those looking to build muscle and seriously improve their athletic performance. With regards to the student athletes and gym rats looking for massive gains, we all understand that exercising and training is only half the battle; the other half is nutrition and diet. Continue reading What are Your Gains?