The Fast and The Delicious?// Andres Jimenez

My mother’s cooking was never to amazing when I was a child, the same dishes week after week began to haunt my evening dinners. So when we had a chance to get fast food it was always the best. “What do you guys want to eat?”, were the best words my parents would say after an exhausting day. McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Burger King all so delicious and fun, but which one shall we choose? It became harder than a judges role in the pursuit of justice to decide what we wanted. Not only thinking about the food, but the new toys and the huge playgrounds. But in the end no matter what we got or ate it was always a let down after the meal. From tired bodies to hurt stomachs there was always something that made us regret why we even wanted it in the first place. What is it that is bringing us back to these fast food restaurants?



Toys are the biggest attraction in the fast food industry. Ranging from cartoon characters, to video games, to just extremely cute looking creatures. They are the reason for most restaurants success. With the purchase of any kids meal, children a promised one toy. Most children do not want fast food for the food itself, but for the toy that is given. Knowing that fast food is one of the main attractions to children, what do these restaurants do to keep their customers?


Most Americans do not look for meals to be healthy, but for it to be tasty. That is when the fast food restaurants step in to reel the customer in. From commercials, to the menus, to billboards while driving on the freeway the media portrays fast food restaurants as some of the best places to get delicious food for a cheap price. When watching a McDonald’s commercial they show the Big Mac as one of the biggest and most delicious hamburgers to get, when in reality there is nothing big or delicious about it. Then there is Burger King who have the whopper and the double whopper, because you know how the United States is, the bigger the better.


The fast food industry is not a great place to get your food if you are trying to find a healthy meal. Regardless if they try come off as healthy with adding salads and wraps to their menus they will always give you something else with the meal that will make it an unhealthy meal, such as a soda or fries. In the documentary film Super Size Me Morgan Spurlock who is the creator of the film follows a 30-day period from February 1 to March 2, 2003, during which he only ate McDonald’s food. During this life changing experience he gained 24 lbs, a 13% body mass increase, increase into cholesterol to 230 mg/dL, and experienced mood swings, sexual dysfunction, and fat accumulation in his liver. It then took him 14 months to lose the weight gained from his experiment. This documentary shows how fast food places have horrible nutritional values for their customers. To much fast food could bring someones health into the slumps, that is why when I was a child I would experience these aching pains in my stomach and laziness, because I would consume to much fast food.


While not only being very unhealthy, fast food restaurants acquire their meat from factory farms. Whats wrong with factory farms? Well first off they not only torture animals, but they inject them with steroids, tranquilize their bodies, slit their throats repeatedly while still conscious, and keep them in tight none moving spaces. An organization that helps show the intense cruelty that factory farms put animals through is PETA. Then there is the book Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer. In the book Eating Animals, Foer explains hows animals are being cruelly treated and goes to different places and people to get information on why. He has made many of his readers actually turn vegetarian after reading his book, from all the horrible things that are said to be going into and also happening to the animals. Each of the factory farms are putting danger into the world by presenting diseases to our society. Not to forget, this is where our fast food restaurants are getting their meat from. So not only are factory farms putting danger into our society, but even worse our everyday restaurants.

Fast food restaurants are also not freshly made foods, everything they serve is a frozen product that they keep conserved in freezers. This leads to the food being edible for a very long time. This allows more diseases and bacteria to build up into the food, causing a higher chance for customers to become ill. Food being frozen and not prepared correctly can lead to digestive problems as well fast food extremely hard on your digestive system, and people with poor diets are more vulnerable to experience upset stomachs and digestive problems. Conditions such as gastroesophageal reflux diseases (GERD) and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) are both diseases that may occur when consistently eating fast food (Reasons Fast..)


Children are not only the vulnerable ones to fast food restaurants, but they are the ones that restaurants aim their commercials toward. There is a large gap between an adult’s health system and a child’s. An adult has a stronger one and can withstand many illnesses, where as children have a weaker immune system and cannot fight against the diseases as well as adults. Fast foods knowing what is going on with their products, continue to aim at children for buying their food. Why is that? It is for the money. They will stop at nothing to obtain as much money as they can. In the end the lives and health of our society does not matter to fast food restaurants, that is why they should not matter to us either.


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