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Creative Lessons//Brooke Broszus

Alright, I confess. I am a typical millennial. I have a smartphone. I have Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. Media has consumed me, but I hadn’t really noticed it to the full extent before taking a Critical Thinking and Writing class in my first two quarters of college. In this class I got to enjoy creativity, picking my own topics for essays and being able to run with them. This freedom allowed me to research topics that I was actually interested in, and that I could connect with. This creative freedom allowed me to learn the lesson that media has a choke hold on our lives, a hold so tight that we don’t even notice it is there because we have become numb and unaware of its control and how it influences us.

Chicken Noodle Poop:

The fact of the matter is that the CDC estimates that 76 million cases of foodborne illness occur in America each year (Foer 139).

While reading Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer, I learned a lot of disturbing facts about the food industry, particularly about factory farming. I wrote an essay about the ill treatment of chickens in factory farms and how people continue to eat chicken, believing that it is healthy, despite getting so many people sick. The numbers I stumbled upon were atrocious. I couldn’t believe that with the number of illnesses, there wasn’t anything changing in the system. I found it to be because of ignorance. Not enough people are really aware of what is going on. There is not a large enough backlash on the industry to create change. This connects to media in that the media is not talking about it. It is a hushed topic, an industry filled with hush money. Instead of focusing on hard hitting issues, like the health of our society, we are focusing on mindless memes. And the industry couldn’t be happier about it; with no one talking about it, there is no need for change.

Chicken Factory Farming


The Prognosis for “Crash” Diets

The first piece of evidence is the very name of these diets, as they are often classified and identified by catchy names in order to hook the public’s interest. This strategy is perfect for marketing purposes and help the articles and websites with the diets go viral on social media platforms (REVIEWS).

College is a time where people often try to reinvent themselves in different ways, one of them being body image. I wrote an essay about how crash diets fail to provide people with long term results and are often unhealthy. Despite these diets being unsustainable and ineffective, people keep going back to them. The diets continue to gain ground and make their creators money. This is all due to media. Media gets the word out there, continuously introducing new fad diets for the public to try. The media presents these ineffective diets in catchy ways on a multitude of platforms, constantly keeping them in front of the public, enticing people to fall for the empty promises of the diets. Media drives consumerism. It quietly influences people by continuously sticking things in people’s faces, which ultimately steers people’s habits without them even realizing it Continue reading Creative Lessons//Brooke Broszus