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Perception vs. Reality

When I started my college adventure, I never knew how hard it would be to leave high school where I felt secure and sheltered.  My senior year of high school was a time of celebration.  I received a scholarship to play soccer at this wonderful university and had never been so excited to go to school.  The word student-athlete is not to be taken lightly as we are expected to practice, lift, condition, and watch film everyday while trying to maintain a certain GPA.  Although there are many perks, I also had to balance a lot of things on my plate.   Continue reading Perception vs. Reality


Stop Beefin’ with Vegans

At the beginning of our second quarter of English class with Professor Leither, he said he wanted us to think about sustainability and its implications, because it was going to be our main focus for the next eleven weeks of school. I thought of my own attempts to be sustainable: throwing my water bottles in the blue recycling bin, taking reasonably quick showers to save water, turning off lights that I wasn’t using to save energy. Until watching the documentary film Cowspiracy did my classmates and I truly understand the efforts that sustainability requires. While saving energy and water were worthwhile attempts, they did not get at the heart of the issue of sustainability. As we learned in the film, animal agriculture, a practice extremely prevalent in our economy as well as our homes, is the greatest contributor to global warming and rival of sustainability efforts throughout the world. Continue reading Stop Beefin’ with Vegans