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A Blind Eye // Ethan Collins

All throughout high school I enjoyed the math and science side of education. I dreaded any type of English based class. I was never much of a writer and would get looks from teachers every week like I never even attempted to edit my papers. When in reality the mechanical side of writing has always Pass-Failbeen a huge struggle for me and it has always held me back from trying to expand my writing skills. When it came time for college, I found out that I was preregistered in a critical writing class. The first thoughts that rushed through my head were all about how screwed I was. I knew college courses would be more of a challenge and if I couldn’t succeed in high school, I would inevitably fail in college. I pictured the class to be filled with boring readings about some topic that I would have no interest in along with hours of research papers. Although eventually I found out that I was horribly incorrect. Continue reading A Blind Eye // Ethan Collins