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Rationally Irrational // Federico Madden

The first thing I learned in my Critical Thinking and Writing class is how irrational I am. Johnathon Safran Foer laid it out crystal clear right from the beginning of Eating Animals, the first book we read as a class. He pointed out the moral inconsistencies inherent in eating meat., like how dogs are the perfect untapped food source we refuse to take advantage of. He really made me think about the food I eat, not by telling me things I didn’t already know, but by taking things that were already apparent and shoving them right in front of my face. I eat beef. That beef comes from a cow. That cow was slaughtered at some point, probably painfully. Before it was slaughtered, that cow let off methane emissions and crapped all over the place. Those emissions went into the atmosphere. That crap went into the surrounding environment. Both myself and the cow are worse off because of me eating that beef. These are all things I could have inferred based on my prior knowledge, but Foer used his wit and incredible writing skills to make them clear as day. And yet, I still eat beef. Continue reading Rationally Irrational // Federico Madden