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Lets Argue About It // Lauren Kemble

So let me get one thing straight, I need to add more opposition to my paper?? I thought the point was to strengthen my argument, not add more opposition to debunk it. Well it turns out I was wrong as my professor asked the class to help him write the structure of an essay up on the white board. Hook, thesis, explanation. Okay, I’ve got those down, but why is there a separate section for opposition? And what is he writing underneath opposition, support for it?


Before this class I thought the only opposition was at the beginning of the thesis sentence. You know the classic, “Although ___ (opposition goes here) ___, thesis statement” formula. Slowly I began to realize its more than just a sentence. Through making the detailed outlines for my essay this year, I was able to think through the opposition by supporting it with research. I learned that the stronger the opposition, the stronger the argument.   Continue reading Lets Argue About It // Lauren Kemble


Forging a Sustainable Future?

Tucked away on the corner of Sherman and Benton Street, there is the strong smell of soil. Walk inside the metal gate and a small house appears to the right, with flowers crawling up the sides. You will see a wooden awning sitting to the left, shielding picnic tables from the sun. As you walk into the garden, the stone path quickly turns to dirt where rows of soil beds lay filled with flowers, peas, and other seasonal vegetables. On the far side, you can hear the ruffle of feathers coming from an enclosure home to six chickens. One or two volunteers are bent over, sweeping the path or clipping stems, oblivious to the construction noises of the new law school a block away, or the cars driving by on the street. They are zoned in on the task at hand, in touch with the serenity that the Forge Garden provides. Once you enter the garden, all classes and obligations that were stacking up in your mind fade away. How have you gone so long without knowing about this small green space, so tranquil and so close to campus?

IMG_1120 Continue reading Forging a Sustainable Future?