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Meal Points or Steal Points? // Matthew Zhang

There is a joke that broke college students survive by eating nothing but top ramen and their own tears. Santa Clara University (SCU) does a pretty good job with making sure that their students aren’t subject to this sad fate. SCU provides a wonderful (and mandatory!) meal point system, so that students are guaranteed food throughout the quarter. Students can use these points to purchase food at Benson Memorial Center at their discretion. First year students are able to purchase either the basic plan, which is 1549 points, or the preferred plan which is 1812 points. After that, there is the junior/senior plan which constitutes 1064 points or the apartment plan which is 228 points. However, along with deterring a diet of ramen and putting students in charge of their spending, the meal plan also creates a side effect: it encourages students to steal.

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