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We are blind to reality // Quinn Gonzales

In Eating Animals, we are shown the horrors animals go through to end up on our plate. When we see the chicken breast laying atop our kale salad we imagine that it lived a good life on a farm with the freedom to roam and eat as much as it likes. Our minds do not immediately go to the abusive image of a chicken being stuffed into a box the size of a piece of copy paper to live it’s entire life in darkness.

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The story customers expect to be behind their meal. (Portlandia)
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Tiny House, Big Questions

Authors: Joseph Nichols, Garrett Nelson, Matthew Placide,

Quinn Gonzales, Griffin McComb


What makes Santa Clara University different? For me, as I took my first tour of the campus, it was the school’s drive towards sustainability, for I continuously heard and saw how environmentally friendly the campus was. Everywhere I looked there were examples of the University’s commitment towards sustainability. Fountains were turned off in response to the critical California drought; there was a tent outside of the library, informing students about the importance of energy conservation;  and compost and recycling bins at almost every corner.  However, the symbol of Santa Clara University’s drive for sustainability is its efforts put forth to building tiny houses. The tour guide informed us of the abundance of awards Refract house has won and went into further detail about its innovative features, such as its solar panels, salt water batteries (which are rechargeable and completely recyclable), dry-flush toilets, wet bathrooms, structural insulated panels, and energy rated appliances, and the meticulous consideration that went into every single detail of the house. Additionally, she lauded the achievement of rEvolve house, the newest champion of the SMUD Tiny House Competition. Wow, what an inspiring effort. (Joseph Nichols) Continue reading Tiny House, Big Questions