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Expectation vs Reality // Sened Haddad

“No way! You’re so lucky you got it!” My friend Chase told me that he heard the food CTW class was the best class ever. Being the best class ever was his expectation, which then became my expectation. Chase told me “all you do in that class is cook, eat the food you make, and try foods the teacher brings in.” Wow. Can a college class get any better than this?


Now, for the question of this essay: did the expectation meet reality? Look at that gif again. 

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One Size Feeds All

By Felicia Kuan, Kennedy Murphy, Rachel Napolitan, Elena Wagner-Bagues, Sened Haddad | April 25, 2017 | Updated: April 25, 2017

I am staring at my plate, and I can hear my father’s voice in my head, “we don’t waste food in this house.” My plate is still halfway full, but I am completely full. As a final attempt to not have the chicken on my plate die in vain, I ask if any of the people sitting with me would like some of my food, but they all decline as they still have food on their plates as well. I am in the dining hall in the Benson Memorial Center at Santa Clara University. I walk over to the compost bin and guiltily scrape perfectly edible food into a compost bin that’s almost overflowing with other people’s food waste. I convince myself that it is not my fault, that they serve us too much food, and the food is not being wasted, it is being composted. But I still can not help but feel bad.

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