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Geronimo Stilton // Vincent Yu

“Another dreaded English class,” I thought as I entered Professor Leither’s class. Subjects like English and History have never been my strength. The last time I received an A in an English class was probably in 3rd grade. I’m slow at reading, slow at speaking, and I struggle with writing. Many of my friends say I have a vocabulary of of a fifth grade student. And knowing myself, I probably do. My entire childhood up until middle school, I have been reading book likes Goosebumps, the Harvey Boys, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and one of my favorite series, Geronimo Stilton. I never understood the hard vocabulary of “adult” books, so I never cared to read them. The books we read in class, Eating Animals, and The Honest Truth About Dishonesty, were boring for me. For the former, I had no interests in factory farming or animal abuse. And the latter, in my opinion, the author had a boring writing style. Ariely would just propose theories, and then prove them with his experiments. He would do this again and again over the entire book, which made it a snooze-fest.

But throughout the two quarters of English, I learned a lot about myself and the world around me.

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