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Sondra Leal Da Costa

Every person has a different understanding of what is beautiful in life. At the start of human civilization during the Old Stone Age, a woman was defined as beautiful if she was plump and overweight, a symbol of health and a necessity to survive long periods of famine (“History of Obesity”). In more recent times, beauty has changed to be women who wear size 0 pants with a coveted “thigh gap” and slim stomach that has led to an epidemic of eating disorders controlling millions of people’s lives (Gaudiani). Continue reading Sondra Leal Da Costa


Blind Intimacy // Zachary Chien

Food has evolved from mere sustenance to a focal point in today’s American pop culture. It’s a source of inspiration, a creative outlet, and an instrument for social bonding. It’s transformed into a prominent art form, consistently bringing competition, conversation, and respect to those immersing themselves in the culinary world.

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