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Because I Care// Carina Maysenhalder


I love getting asked the question, “Where do you want to go eat?”, regularly followed up with an, “I’m not sure what’s around here, do you know of a place?” I often laugh. Of course I know of a place. Well, technically, nine time out of ten I myself don’t know of a place, but Yelp sure does. After much deliberation and using my cellphone to scroll through a wide variety of food establishments, preferably four stars and up, a decision gets made and the food adventure begins. Continue reading Because I Care// Carina Maysenhalder


The Cost of a Humane Lifestyle// Natalie Nguyen




  1. a person who does not eat or use animal products.

Continue reading The Cost of a Humane Lifestyle// Natalie Nguyen

Thanks for “Caring”// Kristina Li

KONY 2012

Probably one of the biggest fails produced and distributed on the internet of all time and a learning lesson that not all have taken so seriously.  This 30 minute video has a whopping 200 million views on YouTube and has countless shares across all social media platforms during its prime, which only lasted about a couple of weeks.  The video had gone absolutely viral, and it was an absolute waste of time. Continue reading Thanks for “Caring”// Kristina Li

To Go Beyond // Rachel Duhe

The first task assigned in my first English course at Santa Clara University was to define what it means to be human.  Beyond varying physical features within our own species, our class made a general consensus that we, humans, are superior creatures, not because of our physical differences to that of other animals, but because of our higher intellectual capacities and psychological complexities.  We are superior beings because we can critically analyze our world.  We can combine our knowledge, experience, and emotion in order to make ethical decisions.  However, the next question I pose is “do we?”  Do we actually analyze our actions through moral lenses and change our ways when flaws are apparent?  Too often we do not. Continue reading To Go Beyond // Rachel Duhe

“Ignorance is Bliss”…Well, Not Exactly / Isaac McQuillen

Food, self and culture, a broad set of topics perhaps, but also one of the most apt ways to characterize a human being. They say; “you are what you eat” and thanks to my research in a freshman Critical Writing and Thinking class at Santa Clara University, I’ve found that this proverb holds true in most all cases. From the smallest of snacks to the most grandiose of banquets, our lives revolve around food and it often reveals quite a lot about who we are and what we value. We all grow up eating a certain set of foods and eventually develop favorites of our own. In recent times, thanks to a rise in the use of technology in the food industry, it has become easier and easier to obtain those foods we love. Grocery stores arrange shelves and shelves of most every food imaginable and all we have to do is go pick it up. We have fruits in and out of season and meat at any time we please. Convenience has become the name of the game. Continue reading “Ignorance is Bliss”…Well, Not Exactly / Isaac McQuillen