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Can’t Keep My Thoughts to Myself // Emma Carpenter

I was uncomfortable from the minute I walked into “Critical Thinking and Writing” at 5:25pm on a Monday–the first day of my college career. I was uncomfortable being in a new state, surrounded by new people who had new interests and perceptions of what was “in” and what wasn’t. I grew even more uncomfortable when my teacher was late and one of my classmates insisted we all get in a circle and chat. That was not me. I was also very intimidated by the idea of critically thinking and thinking for myself. I had become very good at keeping quiet and reading the classroom and then reiterating exactly what I knew the teacher wanted to hear on whatever assessment came up. In fact, if I was directly asked my thoughts on something I would mutter an “I don’t know” and quickly divert my attention. Critical Thinking and Writing? This was not my cup of tea, to say the least.

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The Cost of a Humane Lifestyle// Natalie Nguyen




  1. a person who does not eat or use animal products.

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Saving the Humans: Are You an Accomplice to Murder, Cruelty, and Some Really Bad Decision Making?

March 2015 014 ADJ (Large)
The Santa Clara University Authors: Jason Capili, Miranda Caputo, Brian Cox, Keerthana Duddi, Tyler Gambill, Mark Hattori, Katherine Heiler, Kyle Mcmorrow, Justin Meeken, Peter Mitchell, Yuya Oguchi, Reydavid Palomares, Michael Pierotti, Brandon Smith, Sarek Sotelojimenez, Noah Strong

Almost every time Americans turn on the news, watch a movie, or read the newspaper, they witness some form of violence–often glorified. The news constantly focuses on incidents featuring cruelty and brutality and places more emphasis on reporting news involving violence because, while triggering the gag reflex of most Americans, it draws their attention to the subject at hand (Paskova). Violence is like an accident on the side of a freeway: no matter how horrible it is, people cannot help but observe it–they enjoy watching it. Because violence is eye-catching, the news covers violent events like murders and war to pull in more viewers (Paskova). Americans see violence, such as offshore conflicts, on the news so often that they lose the sense of impact that it once carried; they become desensitized.  That word, “desensitized,” is common when talking about violence.  But what isn’t so common is how that desensitization might affect our daily lives, our perspectives, or even our choices.  Would it sound crazy if we suggested to you that watching violent film and television influences the way you choose your meat in a supermarket? Continue reading Saving the Humans: Are You an Accomplice to Murder, Cruelty, and Some Really Bad Decision Making?

The Business of Business

Michael Katira

What are the stereotypes that people of have on the business society today? They make a lot of money, they are greedy, and they only look out for what makes them more money and makes their revenue stream strong. Throughout my freshman year at Santa Clara University, I’ve had the privilege to analyze my future profession and the society that I will be a part of one day. While it does supply a stable future for you and your family, there is nothing perfect about the corporate society. In CTW 1, I researched on how compassion was non-existent in the business world. I came to the conclusion that while compassion exists outside the office; it fails to make a presence inside the boardroom. In CTW 2, my focus shifted from corporations to small businesses and how the DIY philosophy affects that society positively. With a little help from my business ethics class, I can pinpoint why business ethics is seen as unethical.  Continue reading The Business of Business

Sorry to Burst Your Bubble // Sarah Thomas

When I read my freshman course descriptions for my first year at Santa Clara University, I was excited that my Critical Thinking and Writing class would be focused on the topic, ‘Food, Culture and Self’. I thought that the entire class would consist of talking about our favorite foods and different types of food around the world. Boy, was I wrong! One of our first assignments was to watch a YouTube video showing the cruel treatment towards pigs and cows in factory farms. I could barely watch the screen as pigs were castrated without pain relievers and cows’ throats were sliced open as they were hanging upside down, still alive. Continue reading Sorry to Burst Your Bubble // Sarah Thomas

The Truth Behind the FDA // Kimiko May

*There are spoilers in the post * Late Saturday night, my best friend Rachel and I decided to stay in and watch a movie. With the Oscar buzz still in the air, we decided to watch Dallas Buyers Club. Both of us were very eager to see Mathew Mcconaughey’s award Dallas-Buyers-Club-Poster-Headerwinning performance.

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