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Can’t Keep My Thoughts to Myself // Emma Carpenter

I was uncomfortable from the minute I walked into “Critical Thinking and Writing” at 5:25pm on a Monday–the first day of my college career. I was uncomfortable being in a new state, surrounded by new people who had new interests and perceptions of what was “in” and what wasn’t. I grew even more uncomfortable when my teacher was late and one of my classmates insisted we all get in a circle and chat. That was not me. I was also very intimidated by the idea of critically thinking and thinking for myself. I had become very good at keeping quiet and reading the classroom and then reiterating exactly what I knew the teacher wanted to hear on whatever assessment came up. In fact, if I was directly asked my thoughts on something I would mutter an “I don’t know” and quickly divert my attention. Critical Thinking and Writing? This was not my cup of tea, to say the least.

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What is the Message?: It’s Not Very Obvious // Connor Redmond

In what way can I possibly sum up this year? The topics we have covered have varied in extreme levels and seem to have nothing in common. How could I possibly compare the Columbine massacre to “The Walking Dead”, a tv series based on the zombie apocalypse? What similarities are there between the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer and the “mass production”, if you will, of animals that makes up factory farming? And don’t get me started on the seemingly nonexistent connection between the video “This is Water” and the issues of sustainability. When we initially think about it, the obvious answer to these questions is that there are no real connections. Continue reading What is the Message?: It’s Not Very Obvious // Connor Redmond

Think twice before you eat// Yuya Oguchi

Like many of you reading this, I love eating meat! At least I thought so until half a year ago. I did not count food a meal unless it has some sort of meat in it, but now, I cut the amount of meat I eat in half. What changed my love for eating meat? learning about how meat is made. It never occurred to me about how the food is processed and served to us in the dish. To be honest, I never cared until I learned about it in CTW1&2 classes, but learning it for half a year changed the way I eat forever.

Let me ask you a question. Have you realized that the meat you purchase at grocery store is very cheap? well you might not think so, but compare it to vegetables at the same grocery store. I just went to Safeway the other day and I realized that vegetables are much more expensive than meat when you compare how full you get from purchasing the same price items. Have you ever wondered why that may be? Well that is because meat industry is deceiving you. Continue reading Think twice before you eat// Yuya Oguchi

Sorry to Burst Your Bubble // Sarah Thomas

When I read my freshman course descriptions for my first year at Santa Clara University, I was excited that my Critical Thinking and Writing class would be focused on the topic, ‘Food, Culture and Self’. I thought that the entire class would consist of talking about our favorite foods and different types of food around the world. Boy, was I wrong! One of our first assignments was to watch a YouTube video showing the cruel treatment towards pigs and cows in factory farms. I could barely watch the screen as pigs were castrated without pain relievers and cows’ throats were sliced open as they were hanging upside down, still alive. Continue reading Sorry to Burst Your Bubble // Sarah Thomas