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Our Nation of (In)dependence // Will Gebb

Independence. It’s an idea and an institution that every citizen of the United States is intimately familiar with. Whether it be because of studies of the Declaration of Independence and the time of our nation’s inception, celebrations on the Fourth of July, or because a teen negotiates with his or her parents for a later curfew and more independence, everyone has heard of this notion. However, what really is independence, and are Americans upholding the idea today? Continue reading Our Nation of (In)dependence // Will Gebb


Dangers of the Prescription Pad // JT Tran

Dangers of the Prescription Pad


You don’t like being sick. No one does. If you do get ill, you can turn to a doctor, to modern science. Drugs, namely antibiotics, have allowed humans and animals alike to live for many extra years. The use of antibiotics in livestock feed has been able to supply humans with meat efficiently and reliably. So, what have we done? We’ve made hand-soaps, wet wipes, dish soap, and everything else in the world antibacterial. Seems carefree, but risk-free? Hardly. Continue reading Dangers of the Prescription Pad // JT Tran