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I have had the passion for writing and storytelling for as long as I can remember. So, when I found out I was taking a critical thinking and writing class for two quarters of my first year at university, I was thrilled and anticipated the work I would put out in the following months. I have had prior experience with writing and publishing works of fiction in high school, however, only dabbled in argumentative essay writing. In high school, I was taught the classic 5-paragraph essay with sandwiching three body paragraphs between one paragraph for the introduction and one for conclusion. The opposing argument would simply be acknowledged in a sentence or two and the rest of the essay would focus primarily on the writer’s argument. Continue reading PAINTING A BIGGER PICTURE WITH WORDS // ANOUSHKA GUPTA


Talking Trash


Talking Trash
Jim, Ryan, Olivia, Ethan and Cara
Professor Leither

Every week high school students from around the country come to visit Santa Clara, and get a tour from one of the universities cheery, and bright-eyed tour guides who show the prospective students the beautiful and blooming campus, while highlighting the assets of California’s first higher education institution. Along the tour the timid high-schoolers and their parents get to see some of the main stops on campus, and usually end their visit with a meal in Benson. Santa Clara is a University that pride’s itself on its environmental practices, so when you go into places like the cafeteria you see options to throw your leftovers into not solely landfill, but compost and recycling too. So, when you have the option to throw away your trash into something other than solely the landfill, you feel good about yourself and your participation in the green movement, and contribution to a more “sustainable world.” Continue reading Talking Trash

Blind Intimacy // Zachary Chien

Food has evolved from mere sustenance to a focal point in today’s American pop culture. It’s a source of inspiration, a creative outlet, and an instrument for social bonding. It’s transformed into a prominent art form, consistently bringing competition, conversation, and respect to those immersing themselves in the culinary world.

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Do You Really Know What You’re Eating? // Kristi Hong

Do You Really Know What You’re Eating?

            This morning, when I went to my university’s food court to grab lunch with a couple of friends, my friend sat down with a tasty-looking meat sandwich. I asked her, “What kind of meat is that?” It didn’t look like any meat that I’d seen commonly before, but it was clearly meat. It had little translucent white dots of fat among the pink flesh. She said that it was salami, to which my other friend asked, “What kind of meat is salami?”

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