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Sondra Leal Da Costa

Every person has a different understanding of what is beautiful in life. At the start of human civilization during the Old Stone Age, a woman was defined as beautiful if she was plump and overweight, a symbol of health and a necessity to survive long periods of famine (“History of Obesity”). In more recent times, beauty has changed to be women who wear size 0 pants with a coveted “thigh gap” and slim stomach that has led to an epidemic of eating disorders controlling millions of people’s lives (Gaudiani). Continue reading Sondra Leal Da Costa


And The Oscar Goes To… // Annie Underwood

Recently I watched the glowing Lupita Nyong’o practically leap up the steps of the stage to accept her Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. Nyong’o dressed in a Grecian pale blue gown, exuded pure happiness. This past year the Mexican raised Kenyan actress received much recognition for her role as Patsy in Steve McQueen’s Twelve Years A Slave. On the night of the Academy Awards not only did she have countless pictures taken of her as she strolled down the red carpet, she also was offered an opportunity to inspire others to achieve their dreams in her tearful acceptance speech. To the thousands of people out in the audience and the millions of others watching around the world, Lupita exclaimed: “When I look down on this golden statue, may it remind me and every little child that no matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid.” People like Lupita  remind us that no matter what, if you try your hardest you have the possibility of finding true happiness. Lupita Accepting Oscar Continue reading And The Oscar Goes To… // Annie Underwood

Don’t Play with Your Food: How “Food Porn” Devalues Our Relationship with What We Eat

Authors: Ritika Agarwal, Noel Baham, Theodore Berkson, Benjamin Chambers, Zachary Chien, Britni Chon, Justin Eng, Alyssa Gutrich, Matthew Helfond, Kristi Hong, Marissa Macdonald, Kimiko May, Shannon Mayer, Isaac Mcquillen, Gabriel Noonan, Alison Pietrykowski, Sara Ryugo, Annabelle Van Schravendijk, Gabrielle Weininger

“Cage Free” or “Free Range” Chickens
A “Free Range” Chicken in a Fancy New York Restaurant


As a Critical Thinking and Writing class of nineteen freshman students at Santa Clara University, we worked together to examine the effects that the aesthetic portrayal of food has on our culture today.  Currently in our second quarter studying in depth the benefits and harm caused by innovations in the food industry, we have collaborated here to examine the issue of “Food Porn.” Continue reading Don’t Play with Your Food: How “Food Porn” Devalues Our Relationship with What We Eat

Starving on Excess: The Dangerous Exploitation Behind Your Food

Authors: Elizabeth Biersch, Christopher Curley, Stephanie Giertsten, Julia Heath, Kellen Johnson, Jake Koplowitz, James Leclercq, Claire Lowe, Jeffrey Moon, Nina Odegaard, Lauren Perez, Timothy Powers, Danny Shafazand, Claire Skelly, Jacob Steiner, Layne Suhre, Parker Truesdell, Anne Underwood, Megan Wilcox

Over the first quarter of our critical thinking and writing class, nineteen of us freshmen at Santa Clara University studied the disturbing realities of the factory farming system and the influence of big agribusiness in the United States. Now in our second quarter, we have collaborated with one another to write this essay to do our part in helping spread the knowledge to others in order for more public awareness. We understand that it’s often difficult to face hard truths about things we often like to take for granted.  While examining our own participation in the food industry, we too have struggled with our own choices and ethics.  Our goal is not to guilt readers.  It’s to share, examine and expose the awe-inspiring, inefficient, unsustainable, and often corrupt system that exists behind much of what we buy in grocery stores and put in our mouths.

This is what we have to say. Continue reading Starving on Excess: The Dangerous Exploitation Behind Your Food