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Can’t Keep My Thoughts to Myself // Emma Carpenter

I was uncomfortable from the minute I walked into “Critical Thinking and Writing” at 5:25pm on a Monday–the first day of my college career. I was uncomfortable being in a new state, surrounded by new people who had new interests and perceptions of what was “in” and what wasn’t. I grew even more uncomfortable when my teacher was late and one of my classmates insisted we all get in a circle and chat. That was not me. I was also very intimidated by the idea of critically thinking and thinking for myself. I had become very good at keeping quiet and reading the classroom and then reiterating exactly what I knew the teacher wanted to hear on whatever assessment came up. In fact, if I was directly asked my thoughts on something I would mutter an “I don’t know” and quickly divert my attention. Critical Thinking and Writing? This was not my cup of tea, to say the least.

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The Truth is Not Yum!my- Megan Wilcox

We are ignorant and uniformedwhen it comes to food. We put the food in our mouth without even thinking about the consequences. Eat now, eat later; we never stop to think about what we are eating or where it comes from. The food now is heavily processed and genetically modified. Our meat is raised in cruel, cramped, and diseased conditions and most of us have no idea. Obesity and autoimmune diseases are at an all time high, and food is to blame, but it is also the solution. Diet now more than ever impacts our health. Way more than we give it credit for.  Before this class, I thought I knew about food. I was just as ignorant as the average American is today. This class has changed that, but there is still so much we don’t know.

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And The Oscar Goes To… // Annie Underwood

Recently I watched the glowing Lupita Nyong’o practically leap up the steps of the stage to accept her Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. Nyong’o dressed in a Grecian pale blue gown, exuded pure happiness. This past year the Mexican raised Kenyan actress received much recognition for her role as Patsy in Steve McQueen’s Twelve Years A Slave. On the night of the Academy Awards not only did she have countless pictures taken of her as she strolled down the red carpet, she also was offered an opportunity to inspire others to achieve their dreams in her tearful acceptance speech. To the thousands of people out in the audience and the millions of others watching around the world, Lupita exclaimed: “When I look down on this golden statue, may it remind me and every little child that no matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid.” People like Lupita  remind us that no matter what, if you try your hardest you have the possibility of finding true happiness. Lupita Accepting Oscar Continue reading And The Oscar Goes To… // Annie Underwood

Don’t Play with Your Food: How “Food Porn” Devalues Our Relationship with What We Eat

Authors: Ritika Agarwal, Noel Baham, Theodore Berkson, Benjamin Chambers, Zachary Chien, Britni Chon, Justin Eng, Alyssa Gutrich, Matthew Helfond, Kristi Hong, Marissa Macdonald, Kimiko May, Shannon Mayer, Isaac Mcquillen, Gabriel Noonan, Alison Pietrykowski, Sara Ryugo, Annabelle Van Schravendijk, Gabrielle Weininger

“Cage Free” or “Free Range” Chickens
A “Free Range” Chicken in a Fancy New York Restaurant


As a Critical Thinking and Writing class of nineteen freshman students at Santa Clara University, we worked together to examine the effects that the aesthetic portrayal of food has on our culture today.  Currently in our second quarter studying in depth the benefits and harm caused by innovations in the food industry, we have collaborated here to examine the issue of “Food Porn.” Continue reading Don’t Play with Your Food: How “Food Porn” Devalues Our Relationship with What We Eat