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The Think Tank//Patrick Boos

It’s August of 2017, and I finally pull up my future schedule for the first time. Everything looks great until, no that had to be a mistake. There’s no way they’d make me go to a class that met from 7:20 to 9 p.m., right? Wow, was I wrong. Fast forward to the first day of class, and I still couldn’t believe that I was walking to class, all the way on the other side of campus, while the sun was going down. To make it all worse, the teacher seemed far too happy to be teaching a bunch of freshman at this awful time on a Wednesday night. I’m not a guy who can handle over-eager optimism, and this guy was just beaming at us from the start. Didn’t he know that I was a Biology major, a science student with absolutely no interest in taking another English class? Needless to say, my first experience concerning Nick Leither and “Food Porn” was not a great one.

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Don’t Follow Your Dreams // Kade Harmon

Don’t follow your dreams. We have all heard the same celebrities give the same speeches over and over: “Never give up!” “Follow your dreams!” “Nothing is impossible!” I am here to tell you that every famous actor, athlete, and artist that has ever told you this is dead wrong.

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Why the Heck am I a Vegetarian? // Jackson Bordelon

I am a vegetarian and I have no idea why. I would like to say that I have some convoluted yet eloquently verbalized answer to how what I eat changes the world for the better, but I don’t. Continue reading Why the Heck am I a Vegetarian? // Jackson Bordelon

What is Happiness// Brian Murphy

Have you ever had one of those days when you look at your burger and think, “Wow this is amazing! What is in this burger?” This question would be the first of many after our first week in my freshman Critical Thinking and Writing class (CTW). This class would teach us not to look at something for what it is, but instead look at its identity and what its effects are on the world around us. My teacher, Nicholas Leither, taught me how to look at the small picture and be able to apply it to the big picture with varying results. Little did I know that if you actually did some digging into that any question like the one mentioned above, you would be traveling down a rabbit hole of lies, horror, and in the end, the brutal truth. My CTW class was lucky enough to have the course theme revolve around food and with that, Nick held my hand for months as he guided me through the worlds of factory farms for our first quarter, and violence in different way in our second quarter. Before we got to our class’s first quarter theme, we had to start somewhere. Continue reading What is Happiness// Brian Murphy

The Secret to Happiness // Christian Hellmers

It’s Christmas day. You watch everyone open up their gifts, and see the excitement on each person’s face. It’s now your turn; you open up your gifts, and received everything you wanted, but for some reason, you’re not as happy as when other people were opening up their gifts. Why? Is it because you are in a bad mood, or because for some reason you don’t like a certain gift?

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Bred to Shred // Colin Skaggs

I came to college this year with many hopes, dreams and expectations but the overall purpose of why I came to Santa Clara University was to achieve happiness. I would go to school for four years earn a degree in civil engineering and make lasting memories, and then my experience here at Santa Clara would setup me up for a happy fulfilling life. That idea of how to attain happiness is what the world me from media to my teachers to my friends and parents. However, when my Critical Thinking and Writing course started talking about happiness in the fall when my professor brought in the happiness project. The happiness project was just a simply worksheet that asked you to fill out what you knew about happiness. To my dismay I didn’t really know much happiness, I didn’t know what it looked like or even sounded like. This is when I started to question this idea of happiness that I grew up with. Continue reading Bred to Shred // Colin Skaggs


“Live simply, so others can simply live”

The inspiring story of Jason Rodas serves as a wake up call to each and every one of us. On September 30, 2008, Jason encountered the toughest decision of his life when his mother had gone into cardiac arrest. He was presented with two options from the doctors: to attempt to revive his mother but crush nearly every bone in her body or to let nature take its place and let her pass away peacefully. Unfortunately, he only had one minute to decide. After a matter of seconds passed, he reluctantly chose to let her go gracefully. But in those few minutes that he had left sitting next to his mother’s bed before she passed away, he unraveled his utmost appreciation for his mother – something that he never had done before. Continue reading “LIVE SIMPLY, SO OTHERS CAN SIMPLY LIVE” // MITCHELL HONG