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Our Nation of (In)dependence // Will Gebb

Independence. It’s an idea and an institution that every citizen of the United States is intimately familiar with. Whether it be because of studies of the Declaration of Independence and the time of our nation’s inception, celebrations on the Fourth of July, or because a teen negotiates with his or her parents for a later curfew and more independence, everyone has heard of this notion. However, what really is independence, and are Americans upholding the idea today? Continue reading Our Nation of (In)dependence // Will Gebb


The Truth is Not Yum!my- Megan Wilcox

We are ignorant and uniformedwhen it comes to food. We put the food in our mouth without even thinking about the consequences. Eat now, eat later; we never stop to think about what we are eating or where it comes from. The food now is heavily processed and genetically modified. Our meat is raised in cruel, cramped, and diseased conditions and most of us have no idea. Obesity and autoimmune diseases are at an all time high, and food is to blame, but it is also the solution. Diet now more than ever impacts our health. Way more than we give it credit for.  Before this class, I thought I knew about food. I was just as ignorant as the average American is today. This class has changed that, but there is still so much we don’t know.

Continue reading The Truth is Not Yum!my- Megan Wilcox